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Trusted Professional

Trusted Professional

Hire a professional for all your bookkeeping needs! From setup, ongoing business, and working with your accountant, we can help keep your business organized and running smoot


I encourage you to work in your flame versus working in your wax. When you are working in your flame, then you are on FIRE. You’re doing the work that fuels you! When you work in your wax, it fatigues and drains your energy. To grow your business, you need to be working in your flame. Because, frankly, accounting is my FLAME!


If it’s just cleaning up your current bookkeeping system, or ongoing bookkeeping support, we can help!

Done Right!

We have all the professional tools for assisting with tax preparation and working with your accountant.

Maple’s Commitment

Maple Bookkeeping is an inclusive bookkeeping firm owned and led by an experienced woman entrepreneur. Beyond bookkeeping, we actively support women and the LGBTQ+ community, promoting equality. Clients can trust that their financial matters are handled with precision and confidentiality while contributing to a more diverse business landscape.